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All the Light We Cannot See
Anthony Doerr
Paperback | Apr 2017
in store $21.99
Breakthrough - Dvd
Fox Home Entertainment
not in store $46.99
(available for order)
All Manner of Things
Susie Finkbeiner
Paperback | Jun 2019
in store $19.99
Driftwood Bay
Irene Hannon
Paperback | Apr 2019
in store $19.99
In the Region of the Summer Stars
Stephen R Lawhead
Paperback | Jan 2019
in store $11.99
Of Fire and Lions
Mesu Andrews
Paperback | Mar 2019
not in store $19.99
(available for order)
Summer by the Tides
Denise Hunter
Paperback | May 2019
in store $19.99
Davis Bunn
Paperback | Apr 2019
not in store $19.99
(available for order)

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Ontario Christian Books is a small independent bookstore in Streetsville, a one-time village that now forms part of Mississauga, Ontario. Since its opening in 1987, the store has become a resource and connecting place for Christians of all traditions as well as for anyone interested in exploring who Jesus is and what difference he makes. We consider this our ministry and privilege.

At OCB you will find friendly, knowledgeable service and stimulating conversation. You will also find:
  • Bibles for adults, youth, and children
  • devotional and theological works
  • books on current cultural and social issues
  • fiction for all ages
  • CDs (usually with a chance to listen before buying)
  • DVDs
  • gifts and greeting cards for all occasions, including First Communion and Confirmation
  • curriculum for Sunday School, VBS, youth, small groups
  • devotional aids (rosaries, prayer cards, journals, statuary, prayer books, etc.)
  • audiobooks, audio Bibles, and public lectures on CD & MP3

Church Library Discount: OCB offers a special discount on church library purchases.

Sunday School Curriculum: We can order dated Sunday School curriculum for your church. Contact us.

Book tables: We are happy to supply your organization with a consignment of books for display and sale at your event. Contact us.

Book Reviews: If you would like to submit a book review, email it to as an attached Word file and we may post it here on our site.

We would love to connect with you! Contact us by phone or email, and visit us soon!


Online Search & Order

All books and Bibles are searchable on this website using the Search field at the top of this page.

Tip: For best results, search by exact ISBN or by Keywords. Keywords can include the author's first and/or last name as well as any main words in the title, in any order.

To order directly from the site by adding items to your cart, you must first log in at the top right corner of this page; if you don't have an account yet, click “I’m new” in the Login box. Once you have submitted your cart, you will be contacted by email or phone to confirm your order and its estimated turnaround time before payment goes through.

To inquire about products other than books or Bibles, contact us.



Here are some links to people and organizations we admire or are privileged to serve regularly at Ontario Christian Books. You may find their ministries helpful, and checking them out will also give you a flavour of who we are.

Perichoresis, a worldwide Trinitarian ministry:

Grace Communion International, "You're Included", featuring thoughtful interviews with an array of articulate Trinitarian theologians: GCI You're Included

Evangelical Calvinist, a Trinitarian blog by Bobby Grow in which he engages current writers and issues in theology:

SoChange, an organization promoting social justice through grass-roots collaboration:

Victor Shepherd, professor, theologian, Reformation scholar, and former pastor here in Mississauga:

Glen Soderholm, singer, songwriter, worship leader, and director of Moveable Feast: glensoderholm

Westminster Theological Centre, interdenominational theological college in the UK with great online courses: WTC

Kingdom Poets, a blog about Christian poets both obscure and well-known: KingdomPoets

The Dwelling, a place to dwell in the presence of God through continual worship: theDwelling

Regent College Bookstore (Regent College is a Christian liberal arts college in British Columbia):

Reality Ministries, providing opportunities for teens and adults with and without developmental disabilities to work, play, learn, and grow together in Christ's love: RealityMinistries

Paul Young, author of The Shack and Cross Roads: Paul's blog

Roger Mitchell, Trinitarian charismatic activist: Roger's blog


The files linked below are PDFs containing quotations worth reflecting on. If you're inclined to email us a response to any of them, we'd be delighted!

"Systems are dear only to those who cannot take the whole truth into their hands and want to catch it by the tail..."
Systems & Control

"The deepest questions are those which penetrate to our ultimate assumptions or beliefs..."
Torrance on Belief

"The Spirit is thus the act of God upon us which keeps our concepts or cognitive forms open, so that our thoughts and speech are stretched out beyond themselves..."
Torrance on Theology

"Proclaiming the Good News of such a preposterous salvation is like trying to sell a pig in a poke -- only worse..."
Capon on the Gospel

"We may usefully reflect on what makes it possible for people to listen to each other..."
Brueggemann on Listening